Lift carefully.
Peel back slowly.
Do not use.

Amy’s on fire
ready to love you.

take on this business

to quality.
For optimal results, lightly dust
your favorite until golden.
Place in a shallow dish. 

Serve with honey. 
Lorna Wood

Lorna Wood is a violinist and writer in Auburn, Alabama. Her poems have appeared in Hotazel, WhimsicalPoet, Mollyhouse, ubu., Quaranzine, Escape Wheel (great weather for MEDIA), Coastal Shelf, and Poetry South. Recently, she's a featured poet of the Erbacce Prize! She has also published fiction, creative nonfiction, and scholarly essays. Find out more on her blog!

Bottom: AHMOSE I

Piece title: Radio Head

Aditi's mom was sick of her splattering ink everywhere, so Aditi sticks to digital art now. Her illustrations are inspired by the idiosyncrasies of idioms in the English language. (Seriously, who comes up with these?) 

Alexander Lewis Buggs, born in Shreveport Louisiana in 1971, made his way to California in 1977. With a strong appreciation for music, he studied classical violin from elementary to early high school. Combining his love of poetry and music led him and his brother to form their first hip hop group. In 2009, they drop their debut album, Are you listening. In 2010, he released his solo album, The Moment. Since then, he's went on to produce music, music videos and documentaries for other artists. In 2020, he released his instrumental album, Pharaoh's Gold: the beat tape. Musical influences include The Native Tongues, and his most admired person is Muhammad Ali.

I’m Nick, I grew up in El Cerrito. I’ve always been a big fan of comedy and have done it as animateur since college. I do a conversational and relaxed style of comedy. Works that have inspired my style are things like Charlie Murphy’s stories and Bill Burr’s podcast.

For years after my father’s death, I would find his spirit in the inhabitants of other males of the species.  I was convinced, in a spiritual kind of mysterious, conspiratorial way, that there was more to the story than I knew.  I’d just turned 14 when I put my hand on my father’s carcass—he was 38. —just 38?!  A realization went through me like a shock-wave; a spasm that took me to my knees right there in the church in front of God & everybody. The body that was there was not my dad.  He was gone, he had shed his skin like a snake—and, now—?  Where was he?— Had he ever been his body?  Have I ever been mine? The search was on.  Fast-forward seven years; I’m  now 21—and I’m still trying to find him.

     yippee kai Yai yea  get along little doogie 
     its your misfortune & none of my own
     yippee kai Yai yo get along little doogie

A year after ’Montana’,  I’m dodging the draft by doing the graduate school thing in Iowa City.  The search for my father appears to be gone. The urge hasn’t happened & I feel like I might finally be moving forward.  I move in with Janice Gould, a vibrant, abstract-expressionistic painter—it’s platonic—we’re sharing a flat. I’m in the upstairs loft, next to the bathroom, which is painted all glossy-white. Janice’s paintings are every-where down-stairs, but not in that goddamn white bathroom. 

Janice had two fluffy, white, spoiled, brother n’ sister cats named Bonnie & Clyde.   

Anyhoo—everything’s fine about the whole gig, except for the way she mis-treated Bonnie and favored Clyde—She would literally cook steak for Clyde & prepare it in his jade bowl—& Bonnie?—She got a few crumbs of cheap-ass dry food whenever Janice remembered.

Bob is a co-founder of The Iowa Theater Lab (1968-1972). He did his first solo performance at 2019 Blake Street in Berkeley in 1973. In 1975, he co-founded The Blake St. Hawkeyes, a theater collective devoted to ensemble and the development of original works. He performed his solo piece, TOWARDS/AWAY for percussion, harmonica and text at the 2015 San Francisco International Arts Festival at Ft. Mason to favorable notice. He has also been a guest artist at Tamalpais High School in the CTE program for the past sixteen years. He teaches classes in improvisation, play-writing, and the creation of solo and collective original works for theater & film. Rob Hurwitt, formally of  The San Francisco Chronicle, referred to Mr. Ernst as “a local treasure.”

Ha Vay is a San Francisco-based fairy dream pop artist romanticizing her experiences to cinematic proportions. Drawing largely upon her experiences living in Paris, traveling the world alone, and falling in and out of love with many people along the way, she rides the line between fantasy and reality. Ha Vay makes music for dreamgirls.

Maddy Toy: Maddy is a 300 year old vampire telling her centuries of grand love stories through song. Her skin sparkles in the sunlight.

Elliott Jacobs: Born at a young age, Elliott loves creating music and collaborating with Maddy Toy to create Ha Vay! 

Cam Louie: Now that i think about it idk how to describe myself.Connor

Brogan: ​​Quirked up hapa boy with a little bit of swag busts it down sexual style.. is he goated with the sauce?

Grant Harrington: Did not respond to question within the allocated timeframe.

Shokunin is an ambientist and DJ based in London. His sound is influenced by a range of electro-acoustic composers and spaces. He founded and co-runs the arts collective BONSE1, hosting events and workshops in London. He's also a musicology student, with research interests in AI and digital musicking. 
Photo: Stavros Ktorides

Cate Hayman is a New York based actress and model who received a BFA from the Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama. Some things she enjoys outside of work are dogs, jazz, and spicy food!!

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